Sorath Primary

" We know the secret of your success "

About our Process

Our methodology

Finland based education system and Montessori teaching

2016-17- on June 6th we started another new venture and we became the pioneer in all over Gujarat to implement the Finland based education system and subsequently introducing the Montessori teaching in pre-primary level.

Since it was our first step towards the shaping up the tiny toes, we did a research and studied the pre-primary education system and visited many countries to give our best to Junagadh.

Activity based learning

Positivity and creativity that confidence your child

Education is time process thus, we have implemented easy yet powerful curriculum. We are more focused on activity based learning which included the 360 degree vision in teaching learning process. Here, the child explores his own vision and inner talent. As we all know every child is born with its unique quality and Sorath is actively involved in grooming that quality .When we talk about education, we have adopted and uniquely designed educational methodology which enhances and boost the confidence of a child.

We don’t follow a year old educational methods here we are more involved in practical learning where child will develop his own perception towards the different subjects. We don’t teach here we make them experience and they learn automatically.

We are more emphasized in giving them excellent ambiance. We are the 1st in Junagadh who introduced the theme based classes for toddlers.

Motivation for Us

Make them experience so they learn automatically

We then started our Maa Saraswati Mandir with the strength of 45 students with three divisions Nursery, and Sr. kg. The unstoppable emotions along with the blending of innocence made our Sorath Junior at its best.

In the year 2017-18, we have received immense success and gave us the inspiration to come up with the primary section.

Theme Based classes

We have theme 6 based classes
  • Aquatic theme
  • Cartoon theme
  • Barbie theme
  • Forest theme
  • flower theme
  • Space theme

As we all knows the children has many imaginations and they love to be in that world accordingly we have designed our classes.